Why does it take a day for credit card transaction?

You can pay with crypto directly here opensea.io it’s only the credit card transaction that for now will take up to a day to transact

What is an NFT?

‍An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) acts as a digital certificate of authenticity for digital works such as videos, art, music, and more. Being non-fungible means that it cannot be exchanged or substituted with similar assets of the same value. For example, an original Picasso painting does not hold the same value as its poster print since the original was created by Picasso and authenticated through his signature. NFTs are a form of cryptocurrency; however, unlike Bitcoin and Ether, each NFT is unique in value.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital asset people use as money. It uses blockchain, or a decentralized (not run by any single entity) tech that will record and manage any transactions.There are many types of cryptocurrencies out there, and they are referred to as tokens. Like real money, you can exchange them for goods and services.

How does an NFT work?
Every transaction uses software referred to as cryptocurrency wallets. A person needs a private key, or password to make the transfer. Each transaction is encrypted for safety and then added to the public network. Each amount is public minus who sent the transaction. When someone has sent the transaction, they have unique keys that act sort of like a bank account number.This is just a small example. Some cryptocurrencies may work differently.

How does an NFT convert to actual currency?
Your local store will probably not accept Bitcoin as payment. So how do you turn it into cash? One way is to sell your cryptocurrency on an exchange website. This includes sites like Coinbase, Kraken, and more. There are also Bitcoin debit cards and ATMs that also make it easy for you to convert your cryptocurrency to actual money.

How do you earn in crypto?
To earn cryptocurrencies, there are many ways to do so. Many will just buy cryptocurrencies using their money. Another well-known way is through mining. Mining involves solving mathematical equations, and these will validate transaction blocks. When validated, the money is yours. At least a fragment. Validation is a complex process and it needs a complex computer to do so. Few cryptocurrencies require just a normal computer.